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Q: Do you advertise on the kayak fishing forums because The Aussie Mozzie Tube® suits our type of needs well! (PJ)
A: The Aussie Mozzie Tube® can be found on some fishing forums and has been embraced by that sector well as it is so light, easily stowed, easily assembled on any surface.
Q: Where can I see The Aussie Mozzie Tube® ON DISPLAY?
A: The Travel Doctor's surgery, Adelaide Street, Brisbane Qld 4000 Tel: 61 7 32219066 has a miniature (1/6 size) The Aussie Mozzie Tube® on display.
Q: Can I have a long lasting insecticide added to The Aussie Mozzie Tube® to help guard against malaria, as well as my immunisation and anti-malarial tablets? (M J - Australia)
A: Yes. The Aussie Mozzie Tube® can be treated with Long Lasting Insecticide (LLI) to ‘Mil Spec’ and this should be repeated at least 4 monthly while in regions of high risk. We are advised that some countries have different species of mosquitoes in the morning and in the evening and that they carry different diseases. Therefore preventive medication, PLUS repellants, PLUS LLI treated fully enclosed mosquito netting during sleeping should be combined with LLI treatment to clothing.
Q: Did you find a way to get round the oppressing heat & humidity with when you trialed The Aussie Mozzie Tube® in PNG? (S McI - Vic)
A: Yes. The Aussie Mozzie Tube® is 90% mesh upper therefore airy. Tests were developed to monitor air movement, duplicating rising air caused by body heat and this was used as a guide to select mesh with the minimum air restriction. The Aussie Mozzie Tube® also has the added advantage of being able to be uplifted while assembled, and moved to a position to catch any breeze.
Q: Have you got any tips to make it easier to OPEN THE LOOPS for the rods? (EM, Qld)
A: Use the tip of a ballpoint pen to open the loops when first assembling your Aussie Mozzie Tube® however available from 2007, a new style of loop has been introduced to ease assembly.
Q: Do I leave the curved rods in the bag for storage of my Aussie Mozzie Tube? (RJ – Qld)
A: Yes. It’s OK to leave them in the bag but they can be laid on the floor when storing The Aussie Mozzie Tube® for any period of time, or propped up in a corner once they are straighter.
Q: Can The Aussie Mozzie Tube® be used on the mudflats where my son goes fishing? (V R - Qld)
A: Yes.
Q: Can I use my swag with The Aussie Mozzie Tube®? (M & D H - Central Australia)
A: Yes.
Q: Will you be making The Aussie Mozzie Tube in a wider size or in a double? (RB – Qld)
A. No. The original God-given concept was for single units and we will be keeping to that. However, the flexible design of The Aussie Mozzie Tube® allows a cosy sleep for two average built people or a few kids.
Q: Can I use my Aussie Mozzie Tube on a stretcher? (ER – Qld)
A: Yes. It will straddle a stretcher or park bench & fits on a couch, wide air-bed and most other such situations. The unit is still fully functional even where the base rods hang over the sides.

Q: What should I do with my VALUABLES when I'm travelling in a third world country?
A: It is advisable to keep money well hidden when travelling and a money belt is ideal.
Q: Do you have any ideas how to keep warm on COLD NIGHTS?
A: Turn the Poly fly so the silver side is in, reflecting the warmth back to you.
Q: What if I'm lost or have an EMERGENCY SITUATION?
A: If using the Poly fly, turn it so the silver side is out so it can be seen by rescue personnel. Write 'S.O.S.' on this surface with mud or lipstick or by using sticks. If you have no fly, the same can be applied to the up-side-down surface of the Walkabout Aussie Mozzie Tube.

Buzz Away
God's given you a keen intention
And I’m sure you are blest;
Because it was through His intention....
Folk enjoy a rest!
God took notice of your idea
And then gave it His blessing:
"I will name this invention E & R...
Now here's what I'm confessing:
"Elaine & Rodney you've done well
With all this up-keeping.
How great it is that we can tell
You've helped campers with sleeping!"
You've put an end to sleepless nights
Or a rest through the day
Your invention's brought great delights
In such a special way.
Mosquitos now will be confused
The Aussie Tube is here!
Now nobody can be excused
If mozzies come too near.
Thanks to this dear woman & man
For what they have created
We all know God's helped with your plan…
It's obviously been stated
(19.07.05. KW McC - NSW )
I'm going back to Africa and would like to purchase another Mozzie Tube Thank you. (Charlie - WA)
I enjoyed greatly your Aussie Mozzie Tube (a gift of my brother) during our long holiday at the southern coast of Turkey. A sound sleep under the stars without the distraction of tiny beasts, what a joy! Thank you very much for the fantastic idea. (Seda - Istanbul Turkey)
I was very happy with my previous order so here I am again! (Selil - Vic)
Hello, I am going on a trip to Vietnam and Borneo. I think your invention is great. I would love to be able to take it overseas with me as I am not taking malaria tablets due to the effect on the stomach. (Chris - WA)

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May 2006:
June 2007:
The Aussie Mozzie Tube® awarded a Drug Arm Champion Award for outstanding contribution and support

The Aussie Mozzie Tube is able to be supplied to third world countries due to the support of such organisations as The Salvation Army of Australia Eastern Territory, Gale Pacific, Queensland, Australia; and to the needy in and around Brisbane Australia due to the Brisbane Youth Service www.brisyouth.org and Drug Arm Australasia, Brisbane office www.drugarm.com.au
Overlander 4WD magazine October 2005 issue. Article and photograph by journalist/photographer Tim Munro -www.overlander.com.au "....keeps insects and other unwanted night-time critters off you.... snaps together quickly without any hassle....suited to touring, general camping, overnight fishing trips, and even a safe baby haven...."
Two Wheels magazine November 2005 issue. Article and photograph by journalist/photographer Tim Munro - www.twowheels.com.au " ....its airy and lightweight design make it suitable for carrying in your luggage and quick setups wherever you are...."

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