"The ONLY bunk to bedrock critter protection"

The Aussie Mozzie Tube® Patent No. 2004100690.

The Aussie Mozzie Tube® - a lightweight, portable, compact, quickly assembled, self-supporting, spacious, airy, vermin proof, personal sleeping capsule, providing protection against insects, snakes, and rodents for use virtually anywhere globally, indoors or out.
To protect humankind from vermin borne diseases.
13th April 2005, Australia.
Base length 188cm (6'2")
Width 75cm
Height 64cm
Tube & optional Fly: UV stabilised and mildew/rot proof products.
Rods: 2 x flexible Upper Bows
          2 x fibreglass Base Rods
          4 x fibreglass Side Rods
Carry Bag: Printed rip-stop nylon c/w pull-cord with ample room for addition of optional Fly Kit.
The Aussie Mozzie Tube® is available in two weights to our patented and registered design, and in compliance with UN Global Compact and the International Quality Standard ISO9000 to ensure each and every item supplied meets the specified criteria. The lightweight Walkabout is manufactured in China and the heavy duty Overlander is manufactured in Australia using imported materials, carrier bags and poles. Strict quality assurance procedures ensure manufacturing compliance.
No other product utilises this design or embodies all the following virtues in one unit.

  • Accommodates an inflatable or self-inflating standard single mattress.
  • Airy for hot humid weather.
  • Can be picked up and moved without dismantling.
  • Can be treated with insect deterrents.
  • Completely enclosed but roomy.
  • Designed to fit bunk or bed.
  • Flat packed for convenience and easy stashing or storing.
  • Flexible Upper Bows - not prone to splitting, snapping or kinking.
  • Full length zip with two fasteners for easy access.
  • Has upper inside loops for 'smalls' clothes-line.
  • Lightweight and compact whether erected or packed.
  • Moisture proof base for multiple outside situations.
  • Non-claustrophobic as view unobstructed from inside.
  • No pegs or ties required but provision included if desired with lower outside loops.
  • Protective up-stand all around – higher at head and feet.
  • Quick, easy assembly and dismantling.
  • Reinforced hip/step area in base gives further protection against damp and wear.
  • Will sit on top of any mattress or stretcher.
Specific - Global Emergencies & Displaced Person Accommodation:
  • Airdrop suitability - lightweight and flat-packed.
  • Compact for evacuation centre use, providing the individual a place for belongings and sleeping.
  • First-line emergency shelter for any surface, wet or dry.
  • Flexes to fit in confined spaces such as park benches or on uneven ground.
  • Used for all stages of displacement, through to and including the return to resettlement.
Markets using The Aussie Mozzie Tube® are:
  • Humanitarian Aid Groups
  • Homeless and displaced persons
  • Field workers
  • Medical staff and ground personnel
  • Missionaries
  • Home-makers
  • Trampers, Climbers
  • Back-Packers
  • Yachting, Boating & Fishing Industry
  • Canoe, Kayak & White-water Adventurers
  • Camping Industry
  • Cyclists and Motorcyclists
  • 4WD Tourist & Safari Industry
  • Astronomers
Situation Examples:
  • Home, hut, cabin, hostel accommodation, stadium or hall
  • Marquee, tent or lean-to, on timber floor, concrete, bare ground or grass
  • Swampy mosquito and leech prevalent jungles and rain-forest areas
  • Snake or scorpion infested desert regions
  • Rocky tracks
  • Midge and mosquito-ridden coastal beaches and mud-flats
  • Verandah, patio, 4WD roof or boat deck
  • Virtually any indoor or outdoor surface

"...see that justice is done - help those who are oppressed, give orphans their rights, and defend widows." Isaiah 1:17

The Aussie Mozzie Tube®, protected under IP, copyright, patent & registered trademark laws. World rights reserved 2004.

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